Mirage Mini Ladder System Tubing Displays

Econoco offers a number of distinctive merchandising display systems including the popular Mirage Mini Ladder System. One of the most effective ways to maximize any retail selling floor is by utilizing overlooked wallspace and accessorizing the panels with faceouts, hangrails, hooks, and baskets. Our quick and easy to install Mirage Mini Ladder System Tubing Displays include 22"L x 11"D one-piece, tubular hangrails that are available in either a satin chrome or semi-gloss epoxy-coated finish. These tubing displays are self-mounting and will securely support lightweight garments on hangers. If more hanging space is desired, opt for Econoco's 48" Straight 1¼" Round Tubing Hangrail in chrome.Unlike the 22" wall mounted tubular displays, the 40" display has been designed primarily to connect two (2) parallel grid panels together to showcase hanging garments. Mirage MIni Ladder System Tubing Displays are an economical solution to present more inventory to shoppers without having to purchase an expensive rounder or merchandiser. For more great merchandising display ideas, talk with Econco's representatives at (800) 645-7032.
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