Jersey Covered Men's Clothing Forms

Seen in many upscale men's haberdasheries, boutiques, and designer showrooms, Econoco's Jersey Covered Men's Clothing Forms lend a refined appearance to men's apparel. Covered in a creme-knit fabric, the units include a neck block in a natural wood finish. Forms have two 7/8" flanges, one in the center and one offset. Use the center flange to display a shirt or top. The offset flange is used to display pants or slacks. We offer our covered men's forms to display either coats or shirts. These forms measure either 31" tall (coats) or 25" tall (shirts) and may be positioned on top of a table, a counter, or a rounder without the need for a base. Bases for these forms are sold separately. We additionally carry shirt and coat forms with wooden bases for selling floor display. Another shirt variation allows retailers to hang the form from a faceout or wall-mounted hook. Econoco's Jersey Covered Men's Clothing Forms feature a polyurethane foam underlayment that allows garments to be pinned to the form more easily than with papier mache composition forms. If you have questions regarding our covered forms or any of our thousands of merchandising display products, please call our representatives at (800) 645-7032.
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