Jersey Covered Neck Block Clothing Forms

Jersey Covered Neck Block Clothing Forms by Econoco are an ideal way to showcase select items of clothing for men, women, and children. Headless, armless and legless, these full-round torsos accentuate the garment and suggest the human body, making the featured clothing the star. We carry an extensive inventory of these covered forms that feature natural wood neck blocks to complement almost any store decor. Choose from men's shirt/top or coat display forms, women's blouse, sweater, top or dress forms, or children's unisex forms available for a variety of ages. Several models feature natural wood-tone bases; for most models, the bases are sold separately, as the forms can be used without a base on tables, counters, and rounders. We additionally carry replacement neck blocks in an etched satin chrome finish. An important feature to Econoco's Jersey Covered Neck Block Clothing Forms is the poly foam underlayment. Unlike paper mache forms, the foam covering allows garments to be pinned to the form with ease. To learn more about Econoco's covered forms please give us a call at (800) 645-7032.
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