Boutique Collection Retail Display System

For smaller establishments where selling floor space is at a premium, Econoco offers our Boutique Collection retail display system. We provide a range of garment racks, nesting tables, as well as perimeter hardware and slatwall accessories to fully optimize every available square foot in your retail store. The Boutique collection provides everything required to display hanging and folded merchandise on the floor as well as to take advantage of wall space. Economical and durable, the individual pieces store compactly in the back room but these are your workhorse display units with a long service life to withstand daily use.

The Boutique Collection retail display system is made from rectangular satin- finish, nickel-clad steel tubing. The racks are adjustable to varied heights. Nesting tables are static and available in two sizes, heights and widths and feature hard rock maple tops. Hardware is also constructed from rectangular satin- finish, nickel-clad steel tubing and is available in waterfall and rectangular faceouts, and endcaps with matching hardware.

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  1. bq2w.jpg
    Item: BQ2W
    2-Way Rack with Straight Arms
  2. bq4w.jpg
    Item: BQ4W
    4-Way Rack with Straight Arms
  3. bqbbadj.jpg
    Item: BQBBADJ
    Adjustable Ballet Bar
  4. bqcr12sn_01.jpg
    Item: BQCR12SN
    12" Blade Bracket with Tightening Screw
  5. bqec4sn_01.jpg
    Item: BQEC4SN
    End Cap for 1/2" x 1" Tubing
  6. bqgr12sn_01.jpg
    Item: BQGR12SN
    12" Blade Bracket
  7. bqgr3sn_01.jpg
    Item: BQGR3SN
    3" Blade Bracket
  8. bqntl.jpg
    Item: BQNTL
    Boutique Large Nesting Table
  9. bqnts.jpg
    Item: BQNTS
    Boutique Small Nesting Table
  10. bqre2sn_01.jpg
    Item: BQRE2SN
    2' Long Tubing - 1/2" x 1" x 1.3mm Thick
  11. bqre4sn_01.jpg
    Item: BQRE4SN
    4' Long Tubing - 1/2" x 1" 1.3mm Thick
  12. bqrh12sn_01.jpg
    Item: BQRH12SN
    12" Faceout for Horizontal Mount
  13. bqrw5hsn_01.jpg
    Item: BQRW5HSN
    5 Hook Rectangular Waterfall for Slatwall
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