Headless Mannequin Series - Julian

Headless mannequins allow shoppers greater flexibility and the chance to imagine themselves wearing the clothes that are displayed on these forms. Increase your sales in your menswear department and youth-oriented boutique with Econoco's Headless Mannequin Series - Julian. Available in cameo white finish with two vertical poses, and one seated, the mannequin evokes classical Greek statues and will showcase evening wear and tuxedos as well. The mannequin is 66" tall with a 37" chest, a 29.5" waist, his hips measure, 37", he wears a 14.5" shirt collar accepts a shoe size 10. Headless Julian is shipped with a tempered glass base, and calf fitting. Headless Julian is one of a large selection of Econoco's mannequin groupings. Speak with our representatives to learn more and for assistance in deciding which mannequin series will be ideal for your retail store. We look forward to speaking with you at (800) 645-7032.
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